Bring back an original and delicious souvenir from the Czech Republic!

Ice Wine

Ice wine is produced only in 5 countries in the whole world: Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic

Ice wine production is very specific. The grapes must be frozen for the pressing, which means they have to be left on the vineyard until the right temperature (-7°C) arrives. Once these frozen grapes are picked they have to be processed immediately so that they do not defrost.

During the pressing of the grapes, water in the form of ice crystals stays inside the winepress and what comes out is thick, rich and very sweet cider.

The cider slowly ferments into wine, the saccharinity of which is at least 27° and the alcohol content is between 8-10 °. Ice wines contain larger amounts of acids and extracts (more than 50g/L)

Ice wines are known for their delicious sweet harmonic tastes and characteristic aroma. They are best served cold with desserts. Ice wine must be stored in cool places with temperatures no higher than 15 °C (due to the high percentage of sugar); otherwise there is a risk of over-fermentation. Best kept stored in a fridge.

In the Czech Republic the following wine cultivars are produced: Green Veltliner, Riesling Vlassky, Riesling Rynsky, Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

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